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Few Reasons Why Portable Diesel Fuel Tanks Are a Reason for Enhanced Productivity

July 9, 2018

Industrial Mechanical

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In the present era, everyone wishes to work by convenience, more preference is given to things which could be delivered to the doorstep. People have less time so they look for means which save their time which they can put to some other uses. These days even portable air conditioners are available then why not “portable diesel fuel tanks”. Few industrial setups demand a portable diesel fuel tank on the site that they are working as they need different kinds of fuel which could be petrol or diesel stored in different kinds of tanks to be put to use as and when the need be. The portable diesel fuel tanks can be made to refill petrol or diesel for the vehicles in any remote area.

In order to focus on the safety requirements of the business, these are tanks have double walls, are not too huge, and made to act in accordance with the fire codes stipulations. These are also available as fuel cubes which are portable enough to be transported with the help of a crane. These tanks ensure the safety of the employees and thus comprise of a dual wall and even a bounded cabinet. These tanks permit additional production and enhance performance by evading expensive downtime caused during the refuelling.

After knowing what a portable diesel fuel tank is and its design, let us now have a look at its features and utility.


• These tanks are quite small and easy to install
• They are free to air-ventilation
• These can be easily carried as a one- piece unit.
• It is constructed in a way to bear heavy usage.
• These are environment- friendly.
• They have additional flexibility in terms of storage and handling fuel.

Uses: The tank can be rented by the following:

• Fuelling of equipment
• Fuelling at the Job site
• A Special type of fuelling
• Fuelling for the generator
• Fuelling in case of emergency


• It is the ultimate answer for the small industrial users who can very comfortably store a little amount of diesel in these portable tanks.
• Owing to the smaller size, they can be stored easily and will not take a lot of space.
• Even their transportation is quite easy and smooth.
• In case any damage occurs there is very less amount of fuel which gets wasted since the container size is not too huge.
• These tanks are easily available in the market.


• These tanks are not easily available when there is a power failure.
• We need to be careful regarding the presence of moisture.
• These cannot be used for a very large requirement since it cannot hold too much of diesel fuel.

So, it can be seen that these sort of tanks have their own edge but not very commonly used with large -scale industries owing to the capacity factor yet are more convenient and durable and no doubt getting more popularity.

Diesel Generators – Reliable Power Source for Domestic & Commercial Purposes

July 9, 2018

Industrial Mechanical

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Diesel generators are a standout amongst the most prevalent and most dependable source for power backup. They are utilized as a part of a wide assortment of settings that range from business and industry to individual house owners worried about having an elective power source if their essential supply of power ends up inaccessible.

Power blackouts, in any case, are by all account not the only reason that having a diesel generator for power back up is a smart thought. While they are unquestionably useful on the off chance that you ever lose control startlingly, diesel generators have various different uses, including giving an electrical power source in areas where some sources of power are not accessible. Numerous contractual workers, for instance, utilize diesel generators to supply energy to their work destinations for simply this reason.

There are various points of interest to owning a diesel generator. Since these sorts of units can be transported to better places, you are not restricted to a solitary area where the generator can be utilized. This can spare a considerable measure of pointless cost and enables a generator to be utilized as a part of various areas as opposed to getting one for each site.

A standout among the most prominent benefit of diesel generators over other power backup sources is the unwavering quality that these machines offer. The motors used to control these units are famous for being both strong and effective. This is one of the essential reasons that numerous organizations and property holders have picked these sorts of models over others that are accessible.

The cost of diesel-controlled generators has been dropping drastically over the previous couple of years. This has increased their fame in the commercial market and an ever-increasing number of property holders are exploiting these lower expenses to guarantee that they have a solid source of power if they lose electricity suddenly. This gives them a feeling that all is well with the world and significant serenity realizing that they are set up for these kinds of crises.

Numerous entrepreneurs are exploiting benefits offered by these generators. The blend of adaptability and efficiency makes an esteem set that is amazingly appealing. As should be obvious, owning a diesel generator has a few advantages both for entrepreneurs who require a dependable source for power backup and for individual house owners who are worried about being set up for a power crisis or sudden power blackout. Owning a diesel generator implies that you can utilize it in various areas.

Tilt angle and Azimuth for Solar Installation

Neglect these two, and your PV Panels will under perform making you worry what has gone wrong! It’s a question of optimization. What is the Tilt Angle and Azimuth of a solar panel installation?

Tilt Angle
The Tilt Angle is the angle that forms between the horizontal and the long axis of the PV Module. (In other words it tells you how much the panel should be tilted to derive the best incidence of solar energy). It is therefore the latitude at a particular location where you want the panel installed. An increase in the Tilt In the winter and a decrease in the summer will optimize the power out put of a PV Panel Installation.
Due to obvious reasons the Two Axes Tracking type PV installations do not need this consideration as they independently position themselves to optimize the power out put.

Without exception all fixed axes PV panel installations in the Northern Hemisphere should face the South for optimum performance.
For fixed axis Solar panel array, the azimuth is the angle the panels make with the true North, when measured in a clockwise direction. For a single rotating axis type module or array it is the angle made by the angle of track to the true North measured in the same manner. As said before the two rotating axis type does not require any special attention in this regard.
If you are in the Northern Hemisphere this angle is 1800, which makes the panel to face the South. For the installations in the Southern Hemisphere this will be 0 0   making the panels face the North.

Special precautions that should be observed when installing solar Panels
Observe these precautions and you will avoid quite a few pit falls.

  • Avoid Shading from trees and buildings nearby.
  • Ensure Optimum sunlight incidence on panels.
  •  Ensure the supporting structures are strong enough to withstand the load of snow, wind and maintenance functions.
  •  Use quality Supports and fixings avoiding bimetallic action.
  • Minimize the distance to your DC to AC inverter installation.
  • Minimize clutter and ensure adequate wind play around the array. (Also for maintenance)
  • In a grid tied installations ensure the closest available location of the inverter to the incomer mains.

The foregoing only outlines some Solar Panel Installation basics of for the new enthusiasts and as relevant for the mechanical aspects of the installation and design. Equally relevant electrical power management side has not been discussed in this discourse, but will soon follow. See you there!

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