Benefits of Diesel Engines, Soft Starters & VFDs in Industrial Applications

July 9, 2018

Industrial Mechanical

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Diesel Engines
In view of rising petrol costs, the diesel engine has become a much sought choice in high-demanding equipment and transportation sector. Diesel engine dealers attribute its increased popularity due to better models available today which offer greater efficiencies.

• Today’s engines are much quieter and incur lesser maintenance costs unlike those of years.
• They are more tough and dependable
• Absence of spark plugs eliminates the need of ignition tune-ups
• Cost of fuel lesser by almost 30%-50% than petrol engines
• They have a longer life

Diesel engines have entered into every aspect of industrial life and you will find them in almost all of the applications. Automobiles, construction equipment, locomotives, marine, forestry, mining, telecommunications, agricultural applications and many more are the areas where diesel driven generators or industrial diesel engines find a place of importance.

Soft Starter
Soft starter is a device that helps to decrease the torque and load during the start-up of a motor. It progressively increases the motor voltage to help in the smooth acceleration of the motor and its attached load. The starting acceleration time and voltage can be adjusted thus lessening the mechanical stress and ensuring a longer motor life.

• Torque control helps to avoids jerks during start-up
• Useful in space constraints as they take up less space
• Ensure longevity of mechanical components
• Cost effective for applications which need torque and speed control during start-up alone

Crompton Greaves soft starter dealers emphasize the importance of installing soft starters in applications where incidence of huge start-up inrush current identified with large motors is to be reduced and also as stated above where torque and speed control is only needed during start up. This relieves torque spikes and stress that is linked to a normal start-up. Several applications like belt driven systems, conveyors, gears, pumps etc find great use for them.

Variable Speed Drives
Variable speed drives helps to control the torque and speed of the motor by varying motor input frequency and voltage and matching the motor speed with the driven machine’s output requirements.

• Savings in energy costs
• Increased life of the motor
• Reduction in power line disturbances
• Reduced power demand at start, controlled acceleration and controlled stopping
• Adjustable torque limit and operating speeds
• Avoidance of costly mechanical drive components

Variable speed drive panel dealers will corroborate the large amounts of energy savings obtained by the installation of these drives. This is because it enables the motor speeds to be increased, decreased or maintained rather than running it continuously at a set speed. All applications requiring motor driven electrical equipment will be benefitted by installing these drives. Extruder plants, paper mills, tube mills, cable industry, rolling mills are just to name a few of them.

All in all the above mentioned devices prove a boon in all the industrial applications they are used for.

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